Hi there,
Thank you for stopping by.
If you visited the site because you like our work, first and foremost, we are very honoured.
For us photography means not just to take part to your event but also to capture the special day and
moments by turning them into beautiful memories.
This is also how it all started for us.
I always played with my dad’s camera, a Smena 8 and went through the family pictures so that he
could tell me all those stories and I loved it. He also joked that he was the one who did the first
picture with a multiple exposure, straight from the camera (not true, that was done in the Victorian
Era and he is not that old).
After getting my Batchelors degree in Journalism I started working as a photographer for a local
company and also met Andrei.

Alexandra & Andrei

A few years later, we got married and he got the photography fewer.
We named the company after his mom’s maiden name who was Richard and never looked back.
In these senses, we discovered photography separate, in our own ways, but decided to spend our
lives together and share our love for photography and travel.

We also got married on August 19, 2017.

‘’August 19 is observed as World Photography Day, which aims to inspire photographers across the
planet to share a single photo with a simple purpose: to share their world with the world.’’
We have the same purpose, to share our world and love for photography.

Let us share yours too!
Alexandra &  Andrei